2015 Peak Season Contact Information

Contact information for 2015 Peak Season

Vendors' Websites

This page is designed to additionally recognize our vendors and their services.
Fleet Savings
US Bank Voyager Fleet
US Bank Carrier Solutions

Executive Director John V. "Skip" Maraney for 2015

John "Skip" Maraney
Executive Director

Vendor List

List of our valued vendors, please support them they support us!



Florida Hosts 2012 National Convention

​Convention is a Success.

State Officers List

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Upcoming Meetings




Missouri Fall meeting announced

What has the Association Accomplished for the Industry?

Why should you join? Let me tell you what we have been able to achieve:

  • Continuation of the renewal program.
  • Continuation of CPI adjustments for CDS Contractors.
  • Cell phone discount for contractors.
  • Agreement from USPS to change the DOE quarterly fuel index adjustments to use of the DOE monthly index.