USPS Outlines Dock Safety

The United State Postal Service has issued a new Dock Safety manual.  This Manual outlines safety around the docks at the USPS.  Dock operations focus mainly on tasks associated with the arrival, staging, and dispatching of mail and equipment in Postal facilities.  Activities such as mail transport, loading, and unloading of trucks using Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) as well as manual means has the potential for employee injuries. Workers must be aware of both manual handling safety concerns and safe PIT equipment operating techniques.

Four HCR Members Are Amoung the 50 Cleanest Fleets

Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine (HDT) unveiled its list of the 50 cleanest fleets in America.  The list contains four members of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association. The Top 50 Green Fleets are chosen by Heavy Duty Trucking’s editors.

Smithsonian Unveils America's Mailing Industry

The Smithsonian Institute Postal Museum recently unveiled its "America's Mailing Industry" on line virtual exhibit recently.  The mailing industry is a conglomerate of organizations that can trace its history back 200 years. The industry works in partnership with the U.S. Postal Service to enable citizens and businesses to receive communications, goods, and services. The partnership is an incredible success story about the private sector and a government agency that work hand-in-hand to help the American public. The partnership has long been a secret until recently.

IPC Recognizes USPS Sustainability Efforts

The United States Postal Service was recognized for its Sustainability efforts in this year's International Post Corporations annual report.  Efforts by member suppliers from the NSRMCA helped the USPS achieve the goals outlined in the report.  

Truck Fire Prevention

In 2015 in the United States there were 174,000 truck fires that either injured people or destroyed cargo.


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