2019 National Convention Prayer Breakfast Speaker Announced

Called To God’s Country

Born and raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm, Billy Molls developed a passion for nature and longing for adventure from a very young age. Hunting, fishing, trapping, and exploring the wild were major components of his upbringing, which led him to Alaska. Now, for the past 21 years, Billy has guided big game hunters from around the globe for brown bear, grizzly bear, moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and wolf.

It was even through these activities that Billy found his Faith. Although he attended church on Sunday throughout his youth, he never understood how the Gospel applied to his life until one day he was alone in the Alaskan wilderness.

His wife was in labor 3,000 miles away as he looked at 35 Dall sheep ewes and lambs atop a mountain across one side of the valley, and a female grizzly with her two cubs feeding a mile or two away from him. After nervously pacing back and forth, he prayed that God would spare the lives of his wife and unborn child in exchange for his own, should anything tragic happen that day.

Billy realized for the first time, he was witnessing the Holy Gospel in the language he understood most: every animal in nature would give up its life in order to protect its offspring. At that moment, he recognized there is no greater way for God to prove his love to mankind than by sacrificing his own Son for our sins. There in his element, the wilderness of Alaska, Billy was transformed.

Billy’s wife delivered a healthy baby girl that day.

Today, Billy shares his story whenever he can. With hundreds of big game hunts to his credit, Billy has documented his adventures through his award-winning Modern Day Mountain Man video series. Having lived more than eight years of his life in a tent in the wilderness, Billy is also a freelance writer, author, and renowned storyteller. Hunters and even non-hunters are sure to enjoy his riveting tales of airplane wrecks, grizzly encounters, and be inspired by his life-changing experiences in The Last Frontier. For more information go to www.billymollsadventures.com.