In the December star carrier's CDS area, it was reported that many CDS suppliers would not need to comply with the Veteran's employment report (Form VETS-4212) since most contracts do not meet the $150,000 threshold.  However the contract threshold is not the annual value but the total value of the contract.  Therefore if a contract has a value of $25,000 and a term of 6 years it would meet the requirement for filing the report.  Depending on the term and the value of the contract most CDS suppliers would meet the requirement.  Form VETS-4212 will be included in the renewal and solicitation packages, CDS suppliers should be ready to comply with the requirement.  Questions regarding whether the CDS office will expect a registration to accompany your renewal documents can be addressed by the Contracting Offices at the Aurora Contracting office.  The Department of Labor is the authority for the VETS-4212, specific questions regarding the rule should be directed to the DOL.