DRO Wave 1 Awards and Wave 3 opening

The USPS has made awards in the initial rounds of the DRO process recently.  Awards were made to four suppliers recently:
  • Fayetteville Regions A&B to KACK
  • Albuquerque Regions A&B to R&C Logistics
  • Burlington to Postal Fleet Services
  • Manchester regions A&B to DDA Transport

It was also announced that the other locations in Wave 1 and Wave 2 have been postponed.  Wave three solicitations were posted which is essentially a re-bid of four locations from Wave 1 and 2.  The USPS announced on Tuesday.

This email is to announce the official opening of the Dynamic Routing Optimization (DRO) Solicitation for Highway Contract Route (HCR) surface transportation service. The Postal Service is seeking to award surface transportation service that is responsive to daily mail volumes. Currently, surface transportation routings are static and operate regardless of mail volume. These static routes limit the ability to gain efficiencies from combining service and reducing overall miles in the network. Through the use of a Transportation Management System (TMS), forecasted mail volumes will be used to optimize local distribution networks at the Processing and Distribution Centers (P&DC) solicited.
The Supplier will provide surface transportation based on volume availability and a Transportation Management System (TMS) dynamic route optimization manifest. The Supplier will be required to provide a mix of vehicles (types) as listed in Attachment A (Service Point Details and Specifications) or otherwise based on manifests and transportation information provided by the Postal Service.
The Supplier will plan its operations based on the manifest and transportation information provided in support of, and in conjunction with, the needs of the Host P&DC, delivery units, and offices. The hours of service and address locations for the Host P&DC delivery units and city offices serviced by this contract are detailed in Attachment A, Service Point Details and Specifications.
The DRO requirements will be solicited through multiple Waves, These requirements represent Wave Three (3). This solicitation will include requirements for dynamic surface transportation service for the following P&DC’s.
Wave 3:
Site 1 – Charleston, WV (7 regions)
Site 2 – Columbus, OH (5 regions)
Site 3 – Little Rock, AR (2 regions)
Site 4 – Oklahoma City, OK (2 regions)
The USPS anticipates awarding multiple contracts at four (4) non-Postal Vehicle (PVS) sites in the DRO Wave 3. The wave consists of four (4) year base period of performance. Due to the alignment with current HCR contract expiration dates, the four-year period of performance for Wave 3 will be slightly longer or slightly shorter than four-years, as outlined below. Contracts will be reviewed at the end of the period of performance and at the discretion of the Postal Service, may be perpetually renewed in accordance with current HCR policies.
All proposal submissions must be submitted electronically in eSourcing no later than 5:00 PM. EDT Friday September 22, 2017. Failure to submit the required proposal specific information may result in a proposal being deemed non-responsive. Non-responsive proposals may not be considered for evaluation or award.
This solicitation will be run through the Postal Service’s E-sourcing system, Emptoris. Offerors must review the instructions below and on the attached USPS DRO Bidding Instructions document, to obtain clarification on the electronic submission process.