New CDS Questions and Answers-Southern CDS Manager, Terry Stumpff

Contract Delivery Services Questions and Answer by Southern CDS Manager, Terry Stumpff-April 2021
Hey there,
First off, I want to send a big shout out THANK YOU to Skip for the service that he has provided to all of us members of the NSRMCA  as well as all postal suppliers.  I personally want to thank Skip for providing me this opportunity to write this Q&A column to further educate our members.
With that being said, I hope that this finds you, your employees and your loved ones well.  We can only pray that old man winter and the dreaded Covid-19 are on their last legs and will be leaving us sooner, rather than later.  During this past 12 months CDS suppliers have experienced the side affects of Covid and the harsh winter conditions across this nation.  They brought us excessive parcel volumes and delays.  The issuing of PS Form 5466 Late Slips became a daily occurence in some areas.  What I'm hearing from suppliers is that they have never had a need before to request a Late Slip, so they didn't know what to do. I've also heard that their AO's did not know the proper procedures in issuing, or that they flat out refused to supply the form to the carriers.
I will try to clarify the Late Slip process.
To start, the Late Slip process is an attempt to compensate the supplier for time waiting around when the Postal Service prevents the driver from departing with all of the available mail.
 There could be various reasons for the issuing of Late Slips.  Most frequently, this happens when there is a late truck or a 2nd truck and the Postal Service wants the driver to wait for all mail to be processed and distributed by the local postal staff.
 The relevant portion of the Management Instruction reads as follows:
 In some instances, the administrative official may detain suppliers for mail from a connecting late trip or because of other unusual circumstances. When a supplier is held beyond the scheduled dispatch time, the administrative official issues a PS Form 5466, Late Slip, to the supplier.
 If the scheduled leave time is 10:00 and the driver is ready to go at 09:50 and the Administrative Official (AO) holds them until  10:15, then the AO should provide the driver with a Late Slip for 15 minutes upon their departure.  Because the Scheduled Departure time is 10:00, the supplier is not entitled to a Late Slip for the 10 minutes between the drivers ready time and the Scheduled leave time.
 There are then a number of different scenarios that could apply:
 1. If the scheduled return time is 15:30 and the driver returns at 15:30 (or earlier), then the driver has made up the late time on the street and no additional compensation is due.
2. If the scheduled return time is 15:30 and the driver returns between 15:31 and 15:45, then the supplier is entitled to between 1 and 15 minutes of late slip time, depending upon the time of their return.
3. If the scheduled return time is 15:30 and the driver returns after 15:45, then the supplier is only entitled to the maximum of 15 minutes of delay caused by the Postal Service in the morning.  Anything beyond the 15 minutes is on the driver’s street time.
If the AO holds them because the clerks have not distributed all of the mail, then the supplier should be provided a late slip for the amount of the delay beyond the scheduled departure.
 The CDS office Contracting Officer's interpretation of the process has to do with the AO keeping the driver from leaving at the scheduled departure time when the driver is ready to depart for the street at (or before) that scheduled departure time.
 If the AO instructs the driver to delay their leaving beyond the scheduled departure and refuses to provide a Late Slip, the CDS office's advice to a driver is to leave.
If the driver is refused to be provided a Late Slip and leaves the office at the scheduled departure time, the carrier is then required to deliver the additional mail pieces that were processed and distributed after the carrier left the office.  The PS Form 5397 Contract Route Extra Trip Authorization must be provided to the carrier prior to leaving the office to perform the additional deliveries.
I hope this adds to your understanding of the process.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Edie at the NSRMCA office or to the CDS office at
Until next month, spread the knowledge and be safe out there!
Terry N. Stumpff
TNStumpff Enterprises, Llc.