Pre-Qualification Process

Results of the Prequalification

 The results of the pre-qualification process has been completed and each contractor who participated should have received a letter from the USPS indicating whether or not your company has been approved.  There is a process for debriefing, if there are any questions to your status you can click on this link and request a debriefing from the USPS.  Postal Prequalification Debriefing.  

Prequalification due March 2, 2012            

  A notice from the USPS on becoming Pre-Qualified for bidding on new service emanating from the USPS’ Network Optimization Program has been posted on e-sourcing.  With approximately 250 mail processing facilities scheduled to be closed and relocated, the USPS transportation needs are going to change dramatically with much current service being eliminated, consolidated, etc…and the USPS is planning to solicit its new transportation needs.  The USPS plans to do this business with Pre-Qualified Contractors and is holding informational conferences on the pre-qualification process.

 Those of you on emptoris have received this information but we have discovered that many of you are not so you need to have this information to get pre-qualified.  CDS Contractors do not have to pre-qualify.  A request has been made to the USPS send a letter to all impacted contractors so that nobody is eliminated from the process. The USPS has set a deadline of March 2nd to have contractors submit the relevant paper work so that it has time to establish a pre-qualification list.  There will be monetary levels of which you may wish to pre-qualify for, i.e.. up to $250,000-$400,000 etc, up to $10 million.  Do not tarry, get going on this as it will impact your future.
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