USPS Holds Joint Seminar with ATA

The United States Postal service transportation group (PNT and LDT) held a joint seminar with the American Truckers Association on Feburary 13, 2018.  The purpose of this seminar to ATA members was to increase competition for long haul and DRO contracts.  The USPS transportation officials indicated to the group that several million dollars worth of transportation would be available in the coming year.  Tight capacity during the peak season and as the USPS rolls out DRO where sited as the reasons the USPS wished to reach out to more carriers.  US Mail security requirements were addressed in the seminar.  The ATA has made a recording of the seminar available here.  HDT, CCJ and other trucking trade magazines have indicated transportation costs could rise double digits in 2018, much of which is blamed on tight capacity and ELD mandates.