Regional Vice Presidents

The NSRMCA elects sectional directors to represent the members.  The term for a sectional director is 2 years. Sections are divided up into Regions, each region selects one of the sectional directors to be the Regional VP.  This page shows each Regional VP the sections and states that are represented and the contact information.   

Eastern Region VP
Dante Berkheimer
4751 St. Route 204
Glenford, OH 43739
(614) 444-1562
Section 3
Northeast Region VP
Richard Salanger
6037 Chetwind Drive
Cicero, NY 13039-9327
(315) 422-8867
Section 1

Central Region VP
Robert Proskch
N 811 Old River Road
Stoddard, WI  54658
Section 6
Western Region VP
Mark Matheson
9785 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA  95824
(916) 685-2330
Southern Region VP
Jeff Boone
PO Box 15070
Little Rock, AR 72231-5070
(501) 945-6913
Section 12