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USPS New GPS Requirements

The Postal Service is instituting a new trailer tracking GPS requirement for the highway contract route fleet. The new AT&T/Orbcomm requirement replaces the 2010 GPS program, which allowed for individual supplier GPS systems. Now, under the new 2017 requirement, all trailers and mail carrying compartments on trailers and straight body / box trucks must be GPS equipped with Orbcomm hardware paired with an AT&T data plan. As Needed or Go Anywhere type service will not be included in this phase of the program. Individual supplier GPS systems are no longer acceptable. The Postal Service goal is to have the 2017 system installed and active on all HCRs and leased fleet vehicles by July 31, 2017.

The hardware device is the Orbcomm GT1100, which cost $311 for the cellular device and $405 for a dual satellite cellular version. (The Postal Service wants to minimize the number of satellite versions to reduce the overall costs of the program.) The Orbcomm device is hard mounted to the outside nose of the trailer. The Orbcomm GT1100 is to be paired with AT&T’s CargoWatch data plan, which costs between $4.52 and $6.02 per month per cellular device dependent upon overall USPS volume. HCR suppliers will be able to purchase a direct data feed from AT&T.

The 2017 implementation covers HCRs in both the PNT and LDT offices; no CDS routes are considered for implementation in this phase. The 2017 GPS implementation for HCR contracts will involve a multi-step approach including renewing contracts and service changes on contracts that are not renewing. The supplier and the Postal Service may agree to implement 2017 GPS in a single contract modification or across several contract modifications as detailed below:

• Initial supplier survey contact from AT&T.

• Communication with supplier from the Postal Service introducing the 2017 GPS program.

• For renewing contracts, the specialist will introduce the 2017 GPS requirement to the supplier as part of the renewal negotiation. For non-renewing contracts, GPS will be added as a service change to the current term.

• The supplier will be reimbursed for the initial hardware order as a lump sum payment. The supplier can invoice the Postal Service for the cost of the hardware at the same time that their order is submitted to AT&T. o The supplier can pay for the devices at the time of order; otherwise AT&T performs a credit check but does not invoice the supplier until shipment.


• Once the installation of GPS hardware is complete and the devices are transmitting, the supplier will contact the PNT or LDT office to negotiate the change to the annual contract rate.


A questionnaire is attached for suppliers to state the total number of tracking devices that they will need. Suppliers with multiple entities should state the total number of tracking devices needed for each company that they have.

Please follow the instructions in the HCR Ordering Process and Questionnaire to place your order. Answer the questionnaire prior to placing your order so you have all the answers readily available when asked. The completed HCR Trailers template should be emailed to Cheryl.D’ambrosia@USPS.GOV with a copy to Diane.N.Mitchell@USPS.GOV.