USPS Peak Season Contact Information

Peak Season is rapidily approaching and many suppliers are already planned or planning the operations for their peak service.  At the association meeting in Memphis we discussed the importance of trips on time and communications so that any unforeseen issues can be addressed quickly to minimize any mail delivery failures.  As an industry we need to make sure the USPS is successful by communicating issues as they are known.  To facilitate this the USPS will have a National Operations Control Center (Nocc) set up to take calls or emails.  
Not all late trucks should be reported, however the criteria that was presented to the NSRMCA leadership is:

When to email-call Area NOCC (network trips) :

  • Any accident that causes trip to not be finished by same vehicle and driver (both local and area)
  • Any accident that will delay a driver more than 2 hours
  • Any delay of more than 2 hours late leaving Postal Facility
  • Any time that a trip will not be covered (both local and Area)
  • Any delay waiting to get onto a dock of more than an hour

When to email-call HQ NOCC (network trips):

  • Any delay of more than 4 hours late leaving a Postal Facility.
  • Any delay of more than 2 hours getting to a dock of more than two hours.

The USPS and the NSRMCA wishes all of you a safe and happy Holiday Season.