The National Star Route Mail Contractors Association (NSRMCA) has launched its new website:! This website ( will remain active for a limited period of time as we work to finalize the transition. We hope we will see you in August at the 83rd National Convention in Sacramento, California!


What has the Association Accomplished for the Industry?

Why should you join? Let me tell you what we have been able to achieve:

  • Continuation of the renewal program.
  • Continuation of CPI adjustments for CDS Contractors.
  • Cell phone discount for contractors.
  • Agreement from USPS to change the DOE quarterly fuel index adjustments to use of the DOE monthly index. An enormous economic achievement.
  • Successfully fending off, so far, attempts by the Letter Carriers and Rural Carriers to prohibit the USPS from contracting out CDS Routes, and others.
  • Documented Line Adjustments every two years.
  • Maintained language in the Postal Reform Bill which continued legislative authority for the USPS to renew and adjust Highway Contracts. Plus a provision for longer-term contracts than 4 years plus a provision calling for the USPS to ensure the Fair and Consistent Treatment of Suppliers and Contractors.
  • Insurance programs available for members.
  • Drug testing assistance.
  • A contract provision stating that the USPS pays all fuel taxes.
  • Successful intervention in contractor-USPS disputes.
  • Got the USPS to commit to allow CDS Contractors to recertify their fuel costs.
  • We provide an Information Highway for all contractors, via our website.

And what are we currently working on?

  • Economic adjustments for all contractors.
  • Return of Indemnity Payments.
  • Reconciliation of fuel issue.
  • Carry-over of fuel allotments.
  • One driver badge to serve multiple postal facilities.
  • Unified registration program - working with congressional committees for clarifications.
  • Continued congressional efforts to deter efforts to limit contracting out of highway service.
  • Participation in the USPS RFI to contract out its major facilities - impact could be immense for certain highway contractors.

As you can see our plate has been and remains full in representing your better interests. To continue to be successful we need the help of all contractors for there is strength in unity and an active and large membership. Help us continue to help you by becoming a member of the team. We have a Box Delivery (CDS) Contractors Manual, free to our Members, which outlines the duties and responsibilities of the Administrative Postmasters and the duties of CDS Contractors. Also a monthly magazine, the Star Carrier, which carries valuable information for all contractors. Also, state and regional meetings with the USPS.